Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Year with The Hunger Games

After a long absence, I am back to blogging and hopefully better than ever. In about two weeks, we (my planning team and I) are planning to release a short documentary about our year with The Hunger Games and PBL. For those of your who don't know, we've read The Hunger Games series with our 8th grade students and have worked within the Project Based Learning model to create some amazing social justice products.

The documentary will tie together with interviews with students, administrators, teachers and consultants talking about the nature of the project and the year over all. We are so excited about it, and are working very hard to show how this series can help change the minds and hearts of young people. 

For the posts that lead up to the documentary reveal, we'll be posting some student products featured in the documentary. Today, we are posting a video created by a team of 8th graders. After reading The Hunger Games, they were desperate to read the following books. They designed a campaign to persuade our administration to let them use Catching Fire as a way to study American History. Enjoy!